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Amma Scans

Amma scans set new standards in the field of radio diagnosis which paved way for giant leaps in medical imaging. At Amma scans, medical imaging techniques are not only used as a tool for diagnosis, but more precisely as a medium of effective communication between the patient and the medical practitioner.

The role of medical imaging in preventive medicine and surgical planning are highlighted and implemented by Amma scans. Medical Imaging is no more a reactionary procedure, but a proactive measure for prediction, diagnosis and information for better healthcare management. It also aims at involving the patients in evidence based medicines. Application of state-of-the-art technologies with expertise and human touch is the hallmark of Amma scans.

The word 'Amma' means mother in vernacular language. Patients at Amma scans always experience the cosy feel of mother's lap. Mother's care, precision, affection…